Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Honda’s V4 Motorcycle Concept Model

 Honda V4concept has come up with a deadly sports bike that proposes a new bike design direction for the brand. This model is designed to indicate the beginning of a new era. The bike has V4 engine and it is clearly shown in the design.It’s hard to see how the hub-less wheels, faired-in front swingram, and tire covers are workable, though.  The hubless wheels are fixed with all-enveloping cowls which most likely assist in reducing drag. This stylish and futuristic sports bike concept was exposed at the 2008 Intermot bike show in Germany. Overall, this bike is going to offer a new look to all the bike riders with excellent performance.If Honda does make a V4 powered bike with big oval pistons and hub-less wheels, it’ll be big news, and probably set some new trends in the whole industry. I excited to see how it works out.

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