Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Com-Bat-Solar powered spy bat

Check out this crazy gadget, a solar powered spy bat called the Com-Bat 

This crazy spy gadget is being developed by the US Army and the University Of Michigan College Of Engineering.

This 6″ robotic spy plane, also known as COM-BAT, uses a low-power miniaturized radar and a very sensitive navigation system to help it find its way through the dark – just like how a bat does. It’s small size translates to limited battery power, but its beauty lies in the fact that it scavenges energy from solar, wind, vibration and other sources to help keep its battery juiced up. Being able to run indefinitely (if all conditions are met) makes this a formidable tool to provide significant and sustained information that could help turn the tide of the battle in war.

The US Army have already provided the University Of Michigan College Of Engineering with a $10 million grant to get this crazy gadget off the ground.

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